Folding Fans

Beautiful fans for the elegant lady who likes to keep cool.
In China and Japan the fan has been popular for hundreds of years, in part, because the action of opening it is an auspicious omen for the unfolding of the future.

A folding fan is always a thoughtful and unforgettable gift. Our fans come in a great range of colours and three styles;

Classic Fan: a classic Spanish-style fan
Dancing Fan: a stunning wood and lace fan
Bamboo Fan: traditional cotton and bamboo fan

Many years ago, fans were widely used to communicate secret and risqué love messages between a lady and her suitors. Interest, disdain, boredom or passion could all be shown by the way the fan was used.

Add our Secret Language of the Fan postcard to your cart when you buy one of our fans and practice this amusing and classic art for yourself!

Classic Fan: $10  Dancing Fan: $14  Bamboo Fan: $8

Secret Language of the Fan Postcard: $3.50