The Monk

Originally made by Burmese monks, this classic parasol has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Each of our Monk parasols is made and painted by hand and is truly a work of art! Three sizes available.

This parasol is traditionally a symbol of sovereignty, spiritual dominion, dignity and wealth throughout many ancient cultures. In Asia, the parasol canopy represents the sky, the radiating struts the solar rays and the shaft the world axis. For many years an emblem of royalty, so we're sure you'll feel regal under the shade of this beautiful parasol!

These parasols are rustic and colours may differ slightly but we try very hard to provide you with a true colour as per the colours on this site. Remember they are handmade and therefore each one is unique and fabulous.


  • - Absolutely waterproof, made for the monsoon season in Asia!
  • - Made of natural materials including a strong bamboo frame
  • - Larger sizes have intricate weaving under the canopy
  • - Excellent sun protection, carry your own shade around!

NEW! Paper monk with a canopy of oiled thick brown paper. (Not waterproof, but very strong and available only in personal size.) Authentic design, made of natural products; bamboo, paper and cotton. Great for historical re-enactments.(You don't really want to stand out in the sun melting, in full glorious costume.)

STANDARD (Large): $48   PERSONAL (Medium): $42

BABY (Child): $22  PAPER MONK (personal size only): $20

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